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CPAA Projects

The Greater Cedar Mesa Project

The Cedar Mesa area in southeastern Utah has emerged over the past three decades as an international destination for backpackers, ATV enthusiasts, river runners and weekend day-hikers – all lured to by the thousands of remarkably well preserved ancient cliff-dwellings of those who lived in these slickrock canyons from about A.D. 1 to 1300.



The Capitol Reef Project

The Capitol Reef Partnership (CRP) is an unprecedented five-year, on-the-ground public outreach and education initiative directed by CPAA through collaborative partnerships with state, federal and private entities to expose Utah school children and policymakers to the fascinating science of archaeology and to promulgate the protection of archaeology, especially in rural communities, through greater appreciation of the history of scientific research and of the museum collections now scattered across the United States.



The Desolation Canyon Projects

Famous the world over for its stunning whitewater and wilderness experiences, Desolation Canyon in eastern Utah is also a largely undiscovered archaeological treasure worthy of its designation as a National Historic Landmark.

For thousands of years, humans have moved up and down the Green River through impenetrable cliffs and Gothic spires, pursuing bighorn sheep, elk and deer...



Treasures of the Tavaputs

"The Tavaputs Plateau gained my admiration, respect, and love over thirty years ago, and remains a place of great importance to me. I believe this book and the efforts by Jerry Spangler and the Colorado Plateau Archaeological Alliance will be crucial to the survival of the Tavaputs Plateau.

I hope as you read, you too will come to love and understand the plateau, and will join with us to see that it is given the long-term consideration and care it deserves."

- Kevin Jones, State Archaeologist for Utah



Formal Comments

- by the CPAA to Federal Agencies regarding potential impacts to Cultural Resources on Public Lands






The Colorado Plateau Archaeological Alliance is a non-profit organization created under the laws of the state of Utah

(Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) charitable organization).

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